Frequently asked questions

General Information

1. Are there entertainment activities at night?

Entertainment activities at night are more or less depending on each cruise. Luxury cruises often provide a variety of modern facilities such as a karaoke room, poker club, wine & cigar cellar, piano lounge, library, etc. Other cruises provide limited facilities yet guests can join board games, fish squid, watch movies, or order drinks from the bar and socialize with other travelers.

2. Is the transfer included in the tour?

Transfer is not included in the tour. Travelers can book the transfer along with the room or later. If not, travelers need to arrange the transfer by themselves and get ready at the port at the specified time upon cruise policy.

3. Do I have to pay double for a cabin if I travel alone?

A solo traveler does not have to pay double for a cabin but there will be a single-room surcharge.

4. Do all cruises have a safety box in the room?

Most 4 and 5-star cruises provide a safety box in the room while just a few 3-star cruises do. You should check with each cruise organizer for this information.

5. Can I change the room after checking in?

The cruise can support changing a room after check-in if you want an upgrade to a better room. However, it depends on room availability and incurs a surcharge.

6. Does the ship move at night?

No. All the ships drop the anchor at night. It is regulated by the management board to ensure the safety of guests.

7. Are the ships safe for children?

The ships are fully equipped with a smoke detection system, fire extinguishers, life vests, and lifebuoys to ensure the safety of adults and children. Besides, all crew are well trained and always available 24/24 to support guests in case of emergency.

8. Is there a medical service onboard?

Although medical service with modern equipment is limited, all cruises will include first-aid kits and the most necessary medicine for a cruise trip. In case guests have underlying medical conditions and are taking medication, they should bring prescription medication, consult their doctor, and notify the operator when booking the tour.

9. Are activities suitable for travelers of all ages?

Most activities onboard are suitable for all travelers such as swimming, sunbathing, cycling, exploring a cave, visiting a floating village, kayaking, etc. However, some attractions may be physically demanding such as large caves with many even or uneven steps, small spaces, high altitudes, steep paths,...

10. How many people does a room accommodate?

A standard room usually accommodates a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child. Some cruises include triple, family rooms, or connecting rooms that can accommodate 3 or 4 adults and 2 children.

11. Can I choose the room location?

Each room category is designed in specific locations on the ship and the higher class is usually on the higher deck with a surcharge. For a specific category, the cruise operator will assign the rooms randomly if there is no special note from guests. Therefore, if you have any wishes about the room location, take note while you make the booking to get the best support.

12. Is there a surcharge for the extra bed?

Yes. Extra beds are surcharged and provided upon request. 

13. Is there wifi onboard?

Yes. Free wifi is usually provided onboard. However, be noted that the signal and connection are unstable due to the geography characteristics.

Regulations, Cancellations and Notes

1. Is insurance included?

The tour includes the onboard insurance. If you have a long trip, travel insurance covering medical repatriation and trip cancellation should be considered.

2. Do we need to bring a visa and passport onboard?

Yes. Passengers need to bring a valid passport to check in onboard.

Before and After Trip Experience

1. How much luggage can I bring onboard?

There is no luggage restriction onboard. However, guests are advised to bring the minimum luggage as possible to save space in the transport (if using shared transport) and in the cabin on the ship.

2. What should I bring on the boat?

The cruise provides almost everything you need for a comfortable stay. Therefore, you can just bring your suitable clothes by season, some belongings such as comfortable shoes or hiking shoes, swimwear, hat/sunglasses, insect repellents, and required documents such as a valid passport or booking confirmation.

3. Do I need to bring an adapter?

All cruises use an electric supply of 220 volts/50Hz and have 3 most typical electric outlets which are type A, C, and F. Since there is not a grounding hole available, you should bring an adapter for more convenience.

4. Is there a dress code on the cruise?

No. Dress code is not compulsory on the cruise. You can wear your comfortable clothes, either casual or formal. 

5. Can I join the cruise if I have seasickness?

Halong Bay is usually calm and passengers rarely feel the strong motions of the cruise ship. The ship might shake a little in case of storms or tropical monsoons, yet it is not as strong as in the open sea thanks to limestone islands scattered on the bay.
If you have seasickness and are a first-timer on a cruise, you are highly recommended to prepare some necessary medicine and inform the crew whenever you need help, they will have some tips to help you improve the situation.