Weather in Halong bay: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature.

Halong Bay Weather

  • Wet season: May to September.
  • Dry season: November to March.
  • Best times to visit: January to April, October to December.
  • Halong is one of the most humid cities in Vietnam with the average annual humidity at 84%, which fluctuate from a minimum of 68% to a maximum of 90% in a year.

Weather Overview

Halong Bay has a tropical hot climate, with two very different weather patterns: hot and wet in the summer months, and dry and cool in the winter. Temperatures typically vary from around 10°C - 38°C so it is relatively temperate all year round.

Halong Bay Weather in Fall & Spring (September to November and March to May)

  • Lowest temperature: 13ºC
  • Highest temperature: 32ºC
  • Humidity: 79%-85%

Deciding on the best time to visit will depend on your personal preferences. As many people prefer the cool, dry weather of Spring and Fall, the peak visiting times tend to be from March to April and September to October. During these months, you can expect more sunny days, a cooler breeze and calmer weather. A minor shower is to be expected occasionally, but they rarely last long enough to disrupt visitors' plans.

Halong Bay Weather in Summer (May-September)

  • Lowest temperature: 21ºC
  • Highest temperature: 38ºC
  • Humidity: 81.5%

Summer lasts from around May to September, and in this time, the air is hot and humid. This warmer weather helps create beautiful sunsets, viewable at times when there is no rain or fog. While the promise of summer heat can be tempting, the months of July to September are also the wettest, so visitors should check weather forecasts for signs of severe weather. Temperature high for these months is 38°C.

Winter (November to March)

  • Lowest temperature: 10ºC
  • Highest temperature: 19ºC
  • Humidity: 79.2%

Winter lasts from around November to March. These months are the coldest with temperatures dropping down to 10°C - 20°C on average with a low of 16°C. This is also the dry season, not a lot of rainfall is to be expected.

Halong bay on a sunny summer day. 

Thanks to the nature of a closed-sea area, Halong is lucky not to be much affected by heavy storms. The strongest storms on the bay normally are at level 9 and 10, hardly anytime reaching level 11.

14-Day Weather Forecast

Wed 18 May
27°C 24°C Overcast skies
12 m/h
clouds: 100%, 1011 hpa
Thu 19 May
28°C 26°C Light rain shower
13 m/h
clouds: 77%, 1010 hpa
Fri 20 May
30°C 27°C Patchy rain possible
11 m/h
clouds: 31%, 1006 hpa
Sat 21 May
26°C 23°C Moderate rain
13 m/h
clouds: 100%, 1005 hpa
Sun 22 May
25°C 22°C Moderate rain
11 m/h
clouds: 100%, 1004 hpa
Mon 23 May
25°C 22°C Moderate rain
15 m/h
clouds: 100%, 1004 hpa
Tue 24 May
28°C 25°C Light rain shower
12 m/h
clouds: 78%, 1005 hpa
Tue 24 May
28°C 25°C Light rain shower
12 m/h
clouds: 78%, 1005 hpa
Wed 25 May
27°C 24°C Light rain shower
11 m/h
clouds: 100%, 1007 hpa
Thu 26 May
29°C 26°C Light rain shower
7 m/h
clouds: 78%, 1005 hpa
Fri 27 May
29°C 26°C Patchy rain possible
7 m/h
clouds: 24%, 1004 hpa
Sat 28 May
29°C 26°C Partly cloudy skies
8 m/h
clouds: 45%, 1002 hpa
Sun 29 May
28°C 26°C Moderate or heavy rain shower
12 m/h
clouds: 63%, 1002 hpa
Mon 30 May
28°C 26°C Light rain shower
6 m/h
clouds: 57%, 1003 hpa
Tue 31 May
29°C 26°C Light rain shower
10 m/h
clouds: 75%, 1004 hpa
Wed 01 Jun
30°C 27°C Sunny skies
13 m/h
clouds: 21%, 1005 hpa
Thu 02 Jun
25°C 22°C Partly cloudy skies
8 m/h
clouds: 32%, 1007 hpa

Monthly Weather Averages

High / Low (°C)
20° / 14°
4 days
21° / 15°
4 days
23° / 18°
7 days
27° / 21°
6 days
30° / 24°
8 days
32° / 26°
9 days
32° / 26°
11 days
32° / 25°
12 days
31° / 24°
10 days
29° / 22°
4 days
26° / 19°
3 days
22° / 15°
3 days

Weather By Month

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