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Ambassador Cruise
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Halong Bay Cruise 2 Days 1 Night

Discover the attractions of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay with our hand-picked 2-day, 1-night cruise trips.

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86 cruises found
Number of cabins
Price range

Ambassador Cruise

(8 reviews)
Launched 2018 - Metal - 46 cabins
Outdoor swimming pool - All cabins with balcony - Elevator - Halong Bay route
Halong Bay
198$ (Save 9%)

La Casta Cruise

(10 reviews)
Launched 2020 - Metal - 22 cabins
Outdoor swimming pool - All cabins with balcony - Cooking class - Triple room
Lan Ha Bay
332$ (Save 9%)

Mon Cheri Cruise

(19 reviews)
Launched 2018 - Metal - 18 cabins
Outdoor swimming pool - All cabins with balcony - Cooking class - Taichi
Lan Ha Bay
170$ (Save 8%)

Stellar of the Seas Cruise

(7 reviews)
Launched 2018 - Metal - 22 cabins
Outdoor swimming pool - Ultra luxury - Free kayaking - Fine dining
Lan Ha Bay
264$ (Save 9%)

Ambassador Signature Cruise

(0 reviews)
Launched 2023 - Steel - 39 cabins
All cabins with balcony - Cooking class - Spa - Bar
Lan Ha Bay
236$ (Save 8%)

Catherine Cruise

(0 reviews)
Launched 2023 - Metal - 39 cabins
Outdoor swimming pool - Ultra luxury - Family rooms - Spa
Halong Bay
504$ (Save 8%)
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Overview of 2 Days 1 Night

Halong bay is one of the most selected destinations for every traveler coming to Vietnam and to the northern region in specific. Some choose to spend a few hours while many want to stay for a few nights to see as much of what the bay has to offer. Among these itineraries, 2-day-1-night cruising is the most popular and favorite option.

Photo: @mowat.alex / Instagram

A 2D1N cruise means almost 24 hours on the bay. It is explained by the embarkation time at 12:00 pm and disembarkation time at around 11:00 am the next day of all overnight cruises. This itinerary provides a series of activities on and off the boat and the enchanting beauty of Halong Bay at different times of the day. Some may think that with just a short timeframe, it is challenging to explore the  bay's entire magnificent landscape. However, a wisely arranged time and itinerary will surely provide you with very enjoyable experiences for a fun-filled cruise vacation.

2 day 1 night cruise
A 2 day 1 night cruise trip by Orchid Cruises

Activities included in a 2 day 1 night itinerary

2 day 1 night cruise map
2 day 1 night cruise map on Lan Ha bay (Photo: Stellar of the Seas cruise)

Day 1

Once arriving at the cruise port, you will be assisted with luggage check-in by the cruise operator. Then, the crew member will escort you to embark the boat. A refreshing welcome drink and safety briefing is usually given before you check in your cabin and enjoy lunch. During lunch, the cruise sails to the bay and proceeds to the first attraction.

A view from Sung Sot cave - Photo: @raphaele.raph.bosse / Instagram

In the afternoon, you are transferred to the first attraction by a small boat (tender). It could be a cave full of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, an island with a sandy beach and panoramic view, or a cave submerged half by water and visited by a kayak. Some of the highlights are Surprise cave, Luon cave, Titop island, Dark-Bright cave, Tra Bau area, Ao Ech area, etc.

After the excursion, you can join a number of activities onboard or spend free time relaxing on the top deck with the perfect sunset view. After dinner, you'll have the option to engage in squid fishing, catch a movie, savor beverages from the bar, or unwind in the cabin.

Day 2

Morning Taichi Session - Photo: Orchid Cruises

Cruises may offer a Taichi or Yoga session on the sundeck where you can soak up the fresh air and release the tiredness in your body and mind. You later enjoy a light breakfast while the ship cruises to the next attraction. Afterwards, you have time to freshen up and pack your luggage, check out your cabin, settle the bill (if any), and back to the dining area to savor a hearty breakfast. The trip ends at around 11:00 am.

Pros and cons

Although cruising for 2 days and 1 night brings plenty of merits, some demerits cannot be denied.


Bamboo boat riding to visit Luon cave - Photo: @mayixmai / Instagram

Reasonable duration

Normally, you come from other locations and commuting back and forth to both destinations can consume several hours. Thus, a day cruise cruise feels hurried, leaving no room for relaxation. Conversely, a more extended two-night cruise excursion appears to strike the right balance, making it a safe and suitable choice for most travelers.

Affordable price

Obviously, overnight cruises cost more than day cruises and 1-night cruises cost less than 2-or-more night cruises. However, compared with the time you spend to travel from nearby regions to the bay, a 1-night itinerary is more valued for money.

In fact, Halong Bay cruises are classified into different levels such as cost-saving cruises (3-star), middle-level cruises (4-star), and upscale cruises (5-star). Hence, you completely can find a budget option with a bit higher price than a day cruise to have 24 hours on the bay full of activities.

Varied activities and excursions

The longer you stay on the bay, the more activities and excursions you can join. Yet, a 2-day trip fully offers you typical activities including kayaking, swimming, relaxing on the rowing boat, hiking to the mountain, watching the bay at dawn and dusk, and more . Better still, onboard activities such as cooking class, Taichi, sunset party, Happy Hour, and squid fishing are only offered on overnight cruises but not day cruises.


You may not able to see all attractions in Halong bay in 2D1N itinerary - Photo: @agustin4366 / Instagram

Just 24 hours on the bay

2 days but not actually 2 days! This itinerary includes nearly 24 hours since the cruise departs daily and has to come back to the harbor to pick up new passengers. As a consequence, some may find it still short and do not have much time to rest among activities.

Crowded attractions

In comparison to the high daily volume of ships, the available travel routes are relatively limited. Consequently, it's almost inevitable that a significant influx of tourists will be visiting the attractions simultaneously. The less frequented routes are especially integrated into longer itineraries spanning 2 nights or more, allowing you to access more remote areas of the bay on smaller boats.

Best 2 day 1 night cruises

Ambassador Cruise

Hundreds of cruises offer an enticing 2-day-1-night itinerary on Halong bay, Bai Tu Long bay, and Lan Ha bay. The price ranges from above US$100 to around US$300 per pax. Some best 1-night itineraries are listed below.




Estimated price (pax/night)

Ambassador Cruise

  • Halong Bay
  • Day 1: Kayak at Tung Sau area - Swim and hike at Titop island - Sunset cocktails & canapes - Squid fishing
  • Day 2: Taichi - Visit Sung Sot cave
  • ~ US$175

Heritage Binh Chuan Cat Ba

  • Lan Ha Bay
  • Day 1: Kayak and swim at Tra Bau area - Cooking class - Squid fishing
  • Day 2: Vovinam - Bamboo boat to Bright cave
  • ~ US$165

Essence Grand

  • Halong Bay
  • Day 1: Kayak or bamboo boat to Luon cave - Swim and hike at Titop island - Cooking class - Happy Hour - Squid fishing
  • Day 2: Taichi - Visit Sung Sot cave
  • ~ US$270

Elite of the Seas

  • Lan Ha Bay
  • Day 1: Kayak and swim at Ao Ech area - Cooking demonstration - Sunset party - Squid fishing
  • Day 2: Taichi - Sampan boat or kayak to Bright cave
  • ~ US$275

Capella Cruise

  • Lan Ha Bay
  • Day 1: Kayak and swim at Ao Ech area - Cooking demonstration - Canapes & Happy Hour - Squid fishing
  • Day 2: Taichi - Sampan boat to Bright cave
  • ~ US$195

Dragon Legend

  • Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Day 1: Visit Thien Canh Son cave - Kayak and swim at Hon Co island - Squid fishing
  • Day 2: Bamboo boat to Vung Vieng fishing village
  • ~ US$200
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Questions and Answers (6)

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Lindy 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Hello, my family of 3, husband n 10 year old girl thinking of doing a 2d1n cruise to Halong Bay on 6 or 7 dec. May I know which is a suitable cruise for us?

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Visithalongbay Team 8 months, 1 week ago

@Lindy, You can consider cruises for families with more facilities onboard such as Capella, Heritage Binh Chuan, Stellar of the Seas, Elite of the Seas, Catherine Cruise, Genesis Luxury Regal Cruise, etc. These cruises are top luxury cruises with spacious rooms, so it is more comfortable to add one extra bed for your girl. You can also make use of modern facilities on these cruises such as outdoor pool, mini golf, spa, fitness center, poker room, karaoke, etc.

0 people found this helpful
Laura Munar 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Good morning, We are two friends from Spain currently living in Thailand. We will be in Hanoi for four days and we wanted to visit Ha long bay. Our concern is not to fall into the mass tourism, cruises that do not respect the environment and local community, but we are also on a budget. We were wondering if there were any possibilities of doing one. night and two-day trip to Ha long bay from Hanoi that meets this criteria. Thank you very much in advance, Best, Laura.

Your Reply
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Visithalongbay Team 8 months, 1 week ago

@Laura, For budget cruises, we have some options such as Swan Cruise, Renea Cruise for Bai Tu Long Bay and Sapphire and Alova Cruise for Lan Ha Bay. These bays are less touristy and include pristine attractions. The price ranges from $130 - 140/pax for a 2 days/1 night tour (excluding transfer). Regards,

1 people found this helpful
Jennifer Ghiam 8 months, 2 weeks ago

We are intending to book a 2D1N cruise for the 3 of u on 26 Jan 2024. We are 3 friends travelling together. One of my friend is pregnant. Can you recommend which is the most luxurious and comfortable cruise ship? Preferably one with a bigger room and 3 beds.

Your Reply
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Visithalongbay Team 8 months, 1 week ago

@Jennifer, Per your requests, you can choose luxurious cruises with triple cabins such as Essence Grand, Scarlet Pearl, Orchid Classic, Mon Cheri Cruise, etc. Although all the activities are optional and you can choose to relax all the time onboard, we advise your friend to consult her doctor before the trip to make sure her health is eligible for the trip. Regards,

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Frequently asked questions

1. How many attractions does a 2-day itinerary include?

Depending on each cruise, the itinerary may include 2 to 3 attractions. On day 1, there are 1 or 2 attractions in the afternoon excursion while on day 2, there is only 1 attraction in the morning excursion.

2. Does the boat cruise all the time during the trip?

No. The boat cruises through the bay and drops the anchor at the attractions for a visit and at the sleeping area at night. Boats are not allowed to operate during night time for safety reasons.

3. What is included in a night trip?

Inclusions and exclusions are specified depending on each cruise’s policy. Generally, a 2-day journey includes the following:

  • 2-day-1-night itinerary and program
  • Cabins with air-con and private bathroom
  • Welcome drink
  • Entrance and sightseeing fees
  • Inhouse English-speaking tour guide
  • 4 Meals on board: 1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 light breakfast, 1 breakfast
  • Activities mentioned in the program such as kayak, fishing equipment, sampan boat.
  • Onboard insurance

4. Is 2-day or day cruise better?

A 2-day cruise gives you more time to relax and enjoy nature as you have 24 hours onboard. There are a lot of activities and you can admire the bay from day to night. In contrast, a day cruise offers fewer activities but costs less and is suitable for those who have limited time yet want to have a glimpse of Halong Bay. Each type has its own pros and cons so the answer depends on your preference.

5. Do I stay overnight on the ship or in the hotel on the shore?

For a 2D1N itinerary, you will stay overnight on the ship. You embark on the boat at noon time (12:00-13:00) and disembark at a similar time (10:30-12:00).