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Hanoi weather

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Current conditions

Updated: 18:00 PM Thursday 07 December 2023
°C °F
Feels like: 23°C
Pressure: 1014 kPa
Sea level: 1014 hPa
Humidity: 45%
Wind: 12.96 km/h
Visibility: 10000 m

Weather forecast

07 Dec
08 Dec
09 Dec
10 Dec
11 Dec
12 Dec
13 Dec
Hourly forecast today:
19:00 PM
23° / 23°
23° / 23°
Broken Clouds
Humidity: 45 % Wind: 12.96 km/h
20:00 PM
22° / 23°
22° / 23°
Broken Clouds
Humidity: 49 % Wind: 28.44 km/h
21:00 PM
21° / 22°
21° / 22°
Broken Clouds
Humidity: 56 % Wind: 32.0 km/h
22:00 PM
21° / 21°
21° / 21°
Broken Clouds
Humidity: 61 % Wind: 30.28 km/h
23:00 PM
21° / 21°
21° / 21°
Overcast Clouds
Humidity: 66 % Wind: 28.01 km/h Sunrise: 06:20 AM Sunset: 17:15 PM Normals: Max 21°C. Min 21°C.

Averages and extremes

Average high 23,6ºC
Average low 17,2ºC
Highest temperature (1930-2023) 41,3ºC (2023)
Lowest temperature (1930-2023) 5,4ºC (1977)
Highest record of rainfall 132,5 mm (1986)
Wettest month Jul, Aug, Sept (10-12 days)
Driest month January (2 rainy days, 14 mm)

Yesterday's Data

Max 20°C
Min 17°C
Total Precipitation: 2.32 mm

Overview of Hanoi weather

Hanoi has a typical humid tropical monsoon climate with 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. However, the biggest difference can be seen in the hot and cold seasons. The hot season starts from May to September with more rain showers and harsh sunshine. Meanwhile, the cold season is from November to March next year. It is dry, cold and comes with drizzles in February and March. October and April are transition months with the characteristics of both seasons. Looking for the most convenient and pleasant weather, September to November and March to April are the best times to visit Hanoi.

Hanoi in Autumn - Photo: @phamduc1989

Hanoi in Spring

  • Lowest temperature: 16°C
  • Highest temperature: 28°C
  • Humidity: 81%

Spring is one of the most pleasant seasons in Hanoi. It starts from February until April with the average temperature from 16 to 24°C. This is the best time to hang out and watch Hanoi landscapes thanks to the gentle sunshine and less rain. The drizzles may come sometimes yet it is not a matter. Spring is also the time of beautiful blossoms and greenery so is ideal for an adventure around the capital.

Hanoi in Summer

  • Lowest temperature: 26°C
  • Highest temperature: 42°C
  • Humidity: 79%

May to August is Summer in Hanoi. It is extremely hot and humid, especially in June to August with the highest temperature reaching 42°C. Sudden thunderstorms and heavy rains come more frequently yet quickly end. Although summer in Hanoi is a bit harsh and uncomfortable for outdoor activities, it offers a perfect blue sky and extraordinary sunset for excellent photos and fun beach activities in neighboring areas such as Halong or Cat Ba.

Hanoi in February (Photo: @nhattran0501 via Instagram)

Hanoi in Autumn

  • Lowest temperature: 23°C
  • Highest temperature: 35°C
  • Humidity: 76%

Autumn is the most romantic and beautiful season in Hanoi. Lasting from September to October, autumn is sometimes cloudy yet sometimes very bright and shiny. The sun is mild. The temperature is cool. The sky is clear. Besides, the chill weather may come at the end of October.

Hanoi in Winter

  • Lowest temperature: 10°C
  • Highest temperature: 26°C
  • Humidity: 78%

Winter in Hanoi can be extremely cold due to the low temperature and high humidity. The temperature may fall down under 10°C at night or early morning. Winter lasts for 3 months from November to January. The weather is often wet, humid, and foggy yet that brings a unique mystical beauty to the city that travelers should explore once in a lifetime.

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Weather averages by month

Month High / Low (°C) Rain
January 20° - 14° 2 days
February 21° - 16° 2 days
March 24° - 18° 5 days
April 28° - 22° 7 days
May 32° - 25° 12 days
June 33° - 26° 14 days
July 33° - 26° 16 days
August 32° - 26° 17 days
September 31° - 25° 13 days
October 29° - 22° 8 days
November 26° - 19° 4 days
December 22° - 15° 2 days

Frequently asked questions

1. When does it often rain in Hanoi?

It often rains in the Summer months from June to September in Hanoi. August has the highest rainfall with 17 rainy days per month.

2. What is the coldest month in Hanoi?

The coldest month in Hanoi is January. The lowest average temperature is 14°C while the highest is 20°C only.

3. Which month is the hottest in Hanoi?

The hottest months in Hanoi are June and July with the highest average temperature of 33°C. The temperature can reach 42°C in these months.