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The 5 Best Lan Ha Bay 2 Day 1 Night Cruise Itineraries

Lan Ha Bay is full of spectacular and untouched seascapes that leave a deep impression on tourists. Thus, it comes as no surprise that making a plan to see all prominent sightseeing spots seems to be an impossible task.

The 5 Best Lan Ha Bay 2 Day 1 Night Cruise Itineraries

If you’re searching for the best places to visit on Lan Ha Bay, this article below will be very helpful. Walkthrough 5 best 2 day 1 night itineraries on Lan Ha Bay and choose the most suitable sailing route for you and your beloved ones.

1. 2D1N Indochine Cruise

Indochine Cruise 

Itinerary: Viet Hai Village – Dark & Light Cave

Photo: @valentinaadami- Viet Hai Village 

Why we love it: This ordinary cruise itinerary is ideal for first-timers. It offers fulfilled excursions to the most popular attractions of Lan Ha Bay. Soak up the rustic atmosphere of Viet Hai Village by taking a stroll along the winding, idyllic roads to see traditional houses. Meanwhile, the magnificent beauty of the Dark & Light cave is best to capture with a kayak or bamboo boat. The whole journey is relaxing and tranquil.

Itinerary highlights: You will ride a bicycle or get on an electric car running into the lush greenery; have fun with many interesting evening entertainment programs; try kayaking or bamboo rowing boat to go through the tunnel and explore Dark & Light Cave.

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2. 2D1N Orchid Cruise

Orchid Cruise 

Itinerary: Trung Trang Cave – Tra Bau Area – Ao Ech Area

Photo: Tourduthuyenhalong - Kayaking a Ao Ech Area 

Why we love it: The 2d1n program on Orchid Cruise is off-the-beaten-track that takes you to lesser-known areas. The bus transfers you to the heart of Cat Ba National Park to witness the rich flora and fauna system and discover the 2000-year-old Trung Trang Cave. A short trip to Tra Bau Area is a great chance for beach lovers to immerse themselves under cool and clean water. More interestingly, you can kayak at the Ao Ech area, a calm and well-hidden kayaking place. Onboard entertainment such as cooking class, Happy Hour, squid fishing, and Tea Ceremony also keeps you entertained.

Itinerary highlights: Tourists can challenge themselves with many thrilling activities like exploring the natural cave, swimming, and kayaking.

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3. 2D1N Heritage Cruises

Heritage Cruise 

Itinerary: Ba Trai Dao Beach – Dark & Bright Cave

Photo: @grace.0510 - Swimming at Ba Trai Dao Beach 

Why we love it: The itinerary brings new experiences to seasoned travelers. You can freely swim in the hidden beaches, kayak, and take a bamboo boat to visit Dark & Light Cave – the most famous cave on Lan Ha Bay. Not only is the journey packed with beautiful attractions, but it also provides unusual activities like a session of Vovinam in the morning and afternoon tea.

Itinerary highlights: Stopover Ba Trai Dao Beach, a pristine place for swimming; explore Dark & Light Cave on a bamboo boat.

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4. 2D1N Sena Cruise

Sena Cruise 

Itinerary: Dark & Bright Cave – Trung Trang Cave or Viet Hai Village (depend on the weather and tide).

Why we love it: An action-packed and flexible itinerary for tourists who truly seek exciting experiences. On the first day, you will admire the majesty of Dark & Bright Cave by a kayak. On the second day, Sena Cruise will either take you to Trung Trang Cave – the iconic cave on Cat Ba Island or Viet Hai Village for a 30-minute biking trip to feel the peaceful ambiance.

Photo: @dyl.viajando - Trung Trang cave 

Itinerary highlights: Kayak in the cave; attend Tea Ceremony serving Vietnamese Lotus Tea and delve into Vietnamese culture; have dinner on the top deck; stop at Trung Trang Cave or biking around Viet Hai Floating Village.

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5. 2D1N Arcady Premium Cruise

Arcady Premium Cruise 

Itinerary: Dark & Bright Cave - Tra Bau Floating Village

Photo: - Tra Bau Floating Village 

Why we love it: Spending 2 days and 1 night on Arcady Premium Cruise, you will have an opportunity to go to both popular and less-visited tourist attractions on Lan Ha Bay. Take a bamboo boat to Dark & Bright Cave that is renowned for crystal clear waters and towering stone cliffs. On the second day, get socialized with fishermen and understand about their livelihood at the fishing farm in Tra Bau Area. You’ll also have extraordinary onboard experiences with a yoga class on the sundeck, a BBQ buffet dinner, and spa treatment.

Itinerary highlights: Take beautiful photos of Dark & Light Cave on a bamboo boat rowed by a local; swim in a private area; kayak around the floating village.


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