Ti Top Island: The Complete Guide

Ti Top island is located about 14 kilometers to the east of Bai Chay tourist harbor. It has a beach that is shaped like a crescent moon and known for its tranquillity and beautiful still blue waters. The sands of the beach have been dyed white by the ocean’s surf creating a perfect picture of paradise.

Ti Top Island: The Complete Guide

  • The island has a total area of 3,7 hectares (0,037 km²).
  • The island was named by the most respectful hero of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh, after the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov on the occasion of his first visit to Halong Bay in 1962.
  • With a summit height at 110 meters (360 ft), the mountain on Ti Top island is taking about 450 steps to reach its peak.
  • Ti Top island is regarded as one of the most attractive sites for both international and domestic tourists to Halong Bay.
  • Many cruises which stop at the island for 1-2 hours include Bhaya Cruises, Indochina Sails and Paradise Cruises.

The name

The island was named after the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov who, together with President Ho Chi Minh, visited the island in 1962. Titop island has since become a popular tourist destination and provides many services catered to tourists.

Beautiful Halong Bay landscape view from the Ti Top Island (Shutterstock)


Because of the immaculate white sands and the calm waters, the beach is perfect for water-based recreational activities like swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. There is a bar on the island where you can rent all kinds of swim gear and, of course, stop for a few drinks if you’re that way inclined!

Titop beach (Shutterstock)

Deckchairs are available but you will be asked to buy either some food and/or beverages. If you take your own, then you will have to pay a little fee. The beach offers welcome refreshment in the hot summer months and even after sundown you can go for a walk and enjoy the moonlit beach for all its nocturnal glory.

Beautiful tourist cruise ships docking at Ti top island (Shutterstock)

After a refreshing day at the beach, please try some of the wonderful local seafood specialties. You won’t regret it!


Most cruise ships visiting Ti Top island will depart from Tuan Chau Wharf (12km) or Bai Chay tourist port (14km) (Google map)

More photos

Ha Long Bay view from mountain summit (120 meter height)

Calm water allowing visitors to enjoy one of the best beaches in Halong Bay. The beach is crowded during summer time. (Photo credit: 

Last updated: Sept 05, 2019


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