Con Coc Islet: A Guide to The "Toad" Islet

Con Coc Islet: A Guide to The "Toad" Islet

Con Coc Islet is in southeast Halong Bay and lies around 13 kilometers away from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It’s a relatively small rock island, jutting roughly 9 meters out of the sea’s surface. In English, Con Coc means Toad - this is a clear reference to the stone’s shape which resembles a huge toad waiting patiently for rain.

As told by Vietnamese legend, long ago the gods neglected to make it rain for a long time causing a long period of drought which threatened the lives of all species in Vietnam. In desperation, a valiant toad led a group of animals to meet with the gods to request a downpour, hoping to end their misery! The toad had great success and has since been honored with this natural rock sculpture in Halong Bay.

In Vietnam, the sound of a toad is considered to signify the coming of bad weather or rain and is used by farmers to indicate imminent downpours.

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