Thien Nga Islet - A Guide to The Graceful "Swan" Islet

Thien Nga Islet - A Guide to The Graceful "Swan" Islet

While in Bai Tu Long Bay, visitors with a keen eye may spot the Thien Nga Islet. Thien Nga Islet is one of Halong Bay’s rock islands and it appears to take the shape of a graceful swan. Thien Nga means ‘swan’ in English!

This islet is located next to the Cong Tay and Cong Do islands. It’s a wonderful, natural rock formation made up of three large rocks, one forming the body of a swan, and the other two forming the neck and head. Thien Nga is roughly 15 meters above sea level at its highest point.

Thien Nga Islet is one of the most famous in Halong Bay and tourists typically love to stop and take some holiday snaps of this elegant sea swan when passing by.

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