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A Guide to Castaway Island, Halong Bay

There’s a lot of peace and tranquility to be found in Halong Bay. Lush nature, beautiful beaches and peaceful villages. For those travelers for who this is all a bit too tame there is Castaway Island!

A Guide to Castaway Island, Halong Bay


Castaway Island is a private island typically visited in organized 2 or 3-day cruises. The tours to this island are centered around partying and having a good time. During the day activities like kayaking, tubing and wake-boarding will be offered and organized, but as soon as the sun sets it’s party central.

A great view to the Castaway Island (Photo credit: Instagram.com/emmakeir/) 

Tour information

Touring Castaway Island, you will make loads of new friends with whom you will drink, dance and play games with deep into the night. Tours are usually booked through travel agents or hostels in Hanoi but they can also be booked online (vietnambackpackerhostels.com or halongbaycastawaytour.com). The cost per person as of July 2019 stands at $169 USD, with accommodation, meals and transport included in the price.

If you are looking for a party in a unique environment and one of the world’s most famous tourist spots, a natural wonder of the world, look no further and sign up for a Castaway Island tour today!

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