A Guide To Cong Do Island

A Guide To Cong Do Island

Fast facts

Cong Do (Cống Đỏ) or "Red Drainage" in English, is a small island at approximately 24 square kilometers in size. Just like so many of the other islands around Halong Bay, Cong Do is very diverse in its flora and fauna. In the lagoons that are found around the island, there’s an abundance of sea life in the form of squid, crab, various fish, and underwater vegetation.

A sizeable and immaculate coral reef, roughly 0.7 kilometers long and 0.3 kilometers in width, surrounds the island. This coral reef is home to masses of beautiful tropical fish and seahorses and a must-see by those who enjoy snorkeling.

Fishing villages on Cong Do Island


Cong Do is a magnificent place to visit with plenty of activities to keep you busy. Visitors can go hike up Cong Do’s huge hill and enjoy the splendid views or go kayaking and explore the beautiful lagoons the island has to offer. At the moment, the local government is also looking into developing scuba diving on the island as well!

For those who enjoy history, traces have been found of an ancient port on the island. Archaeologists now believe Cong Do island used to be a major hub in the Van Don’s port system.


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