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Halong Bay Weather in January

January in Halong Bay is often cold and dry. It may not be best for swimming but definitely great for taking photos of the scenic landscape.

Halong Bay Weather in January
  • January is one of the driest months of the year.
  • The weather is cool throughout the day and sometimes freezy cold at night.
  • Halong Bay this month bears a festive atmosphere and you can enjoy many activities, including outdoor sightseeing trips, however, swimming is not recommended on cold days.
  • You should pack winter clothes, jackets, and umbrellas.

Halong Bay is generally best to see all year round except during the stormy season. And winter months including January are the favorite time for international tourists to enjoy a cruise vacation on Halong Bay. In January, thanks to not too cold and dry weather, travelers are able to take up short stays and plenty of activities. Below is the necessary information you need to know before visiting Halong Bay in January.

Weather in January

Halong Bay's weather in January falls to winter, often described as cold and dry with less rainfall. 

In fact, January is among the driest months with the relative daytime humidity between 60% and 70%. The average temperature is around 17°C which is cool for a majority of Westerners. The temperatures can hit a low of 12°C at night and a high of 19°C during the day. There are a few rainy and wet days during January, only 4 days and the average rainfall stands at 15mm.

This type of weather is pretty ideal for foreign vacationers in the West. They can enjoy higher possibilities of dry days and clear sky for outdoor excursions.

Month High / Low (°C) Average rainfall (MM) Rain Days
January (2022) 19° / 12° 15 mm 4 days

Halong bay weather averages in January (2018-2021 average) 

Pros & Cons of visiting in January


  • Cooler temperatures and low rainfall mean great conditions for lots of activities that are usually on offer.
  • Stable weather gives a lower risk of having things canceled due to weather warnings.
  • This is also a great time for a cruise trip with a clear vision and less rain.
  • Traditional Tet holiday is close with vibrancy and festive ambiance.


  • Comfortable weather conditions attract more visitors. It is the peak tourist season for international travelers. Halong Bay may be even busier than usual which can drive prices up.
  • The weather might be too cold for some people, especially children.
  • January sometimes brings some foggy weather which can affect the brilliant views.


As well as international New Years’ Day on January 1st, Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday) is sometimes celebrated in late January. The holiday usually lasts for 10 days and Vietnamese people are busy preparing for the most important holiday of the year. Therefore, you can have a chance to experience the traditional Tet atmosphere with locals. 

However, during this time, many businesses close shops and restaurants often operate at half hours as well as adding a surcharge to their usual fees. Transportation routes may be congested and government offices stay closed.

  • January 01, 2020: New Year Holiday
  • January 25, 2020: Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year)
  • January 23, 2023: Tet Holiday
  • January 29, 2025: Tet Holiday

Tet Holiday in Vietnam (Making Chung cake) 

Best things to do in Halong Bay in January


Embarking on a cruise ship around Halong Bay is a perfect option all year-round , especially in January when the weather is not too cold and there are no risks of storms. The whole bay is a little bit foggy in the morning but quickly becomes clear when the sun rises. This is a perfect time for you to unwind while admiring the stunning bay views. Apart from enjoying hearty meals with seafood and local specialties, there are also plenty of activities on board. For instance, you can attend a yoga class in the early morning, enjoy afternoon tea, sunset party, as well as night entertainment namely squid fishing, singing karaoke, and night movie.

Some recommended cruises to book in January: Stellar of the Seas Cruise, Ambassador Cruise, Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan, Paradise Elegance Cruise, and Indochine Cruise.

Kayaking and swimming

Although Halong Bay's weather is still cold, swimming is suitable for most Western visitors since they are familiar with chilly weather. Halong Bay has many beautiful beaches for swimming namely Titop beach, Ba Trai Dao Beach, and Tuan Chau Beach. Besides, if you are not fond of swimming or the temperature is too low, you can take another option which is kayaking. The best places for kayaking on Halong Bay are Luon Cave, Dark and Bright Cave, Tung Sau Area, Cua Van Fishing Village, and Vung Vieng Fishing Village.

What to pack when traveling Halong Bay in January

Traveling Halong Bay in January, you should bring lightweight, waterproof jackets to avoid coldness and foggy weather. In addition, pairs of shoes, and sandals are essential for walking. You should also pack swimsuits, light clothing, and sunglasses. 

Some other useful stuff to pack include:

  • Insect repellent
  • First-aid kits 
  • Hats, flip-flops, and sandals
  • Jackets and even some sweaters for cold days

Insiders' tips

Generally speaking, January is an ideal time for cruising around Halong Bay. However, there are still several things you should keep in mind:

  • It would be better to book cruises and services through travel agencies to get good deals.
  • You should check the weather forecast frequently to update the latest changes in the weather conditions and prepare suitable items.
  • The Lunar New Year sometimes takes place in late January so check the calendar and be noted that the cruises and tourist attractions might be overcrowded.

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