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Halong Bay Weather in June

June is a rather hot month for travel to Halong Bay although it is perfect who loves the sun.

Halong Bay Weather in June
  • Halong Bay weather in June in general is hot and humid.
  • Outdoor trips are still possible but you may feel sweaty.
  • The amount of precipitation increases but there is still room for plenty of fun.
  • Many outdoor activities could be canceled due to bad weather so read your refund policies carefully before making bookings.
  • This is the low tourist season for foreigners yet the most popular time for Vietnamese people to visit Halong Bay.

Generally, Halong Bay weather in June is hot and moist with relatively high humidity and rainfall level. This month gives the warmth and stickiness as you typically associate with summer. This type of weather is still endurable and ideal for those loving sunshine and water-based activities.

June is an off-peak tourist season for international travelers, so you can enjoy less-crowded attractions and activities.

June Weather In Halong Bay

In the middle of summertime, June is among the hottest months in Halong Bay. The temperatures fluctuate between 31°C and 39°C. Yet, thanks to the cool wind blow on the bay, you may not feel too tired.

The average humidity level and rainfall are also on the marginal rise compared to the previous month. The estimated rainfall is 179mm, a bit higher than in May but still lower than in July and August. In addition, it will not rain the whole day. The humidity reaches around 78% which is a contributing factor to lowering the number of visitors to Halong Bay.

You can still expect pleasant sunshine and comfortable sea water temperatures for water activities like swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing.

There is a higher chance of storms and typhoons during summer from June to August. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with your tour provider for weather updates and possible travel disruptions.

MonthHigh / Low (°C)Average rainfall (MM)Rain Days (≥2mm)
June (2020)32.64°C (90.75°F) / 24.48°C (76.06°F)464.52mm / 18.29in24 days
June (2019)33.66°C (92.59°F) / 26.52°C (79.74°F)409.97mm / 16.14in25 days
June (2018)32.64°C (90.75°F) / 26.52°C (79.74°F)124.97mm / 4.92in15 days
June (2017)33.66°C (92.59°F) / 27.54°C (81.57°F)236.77mm / 9.32in23 days
June (2016)31.62°C (88.92°F) /  25.5°C (77.9°F)271.95mm / 10.71in20 days

Halong bay in June: Weather (Last 5 years) 

Pros & Cons of visiting Halong bay in June


  • Halong Bay is very hot in June and there is still plenty of sunshine providing great conditions to enjoy swimming and other activities.
  • June is in the off-peak season so you may be able to take advantage of some promotions and discounts for your tours and accommodation.


  • The hotter weather can be uncomfortable for those who are not familiar with the tropical climate.
  • Unpredictable weather can bring a higher risk of travel disruption so there are more possibilities that your bookings could be affected by the bad weather.

Events in Halong Bay in June

On the 5th day of the Fifth month in the Lunar calendar, there is a summer solstice celebration, in Vietnam it is called Tet Doan Ngo, or pest-killing festival. This name originated from the old practice of killing pests that do harm to crops. 

On this day, Vietnamese people cook traditional dishes, especially fermented glutinous rice, and display tropical fruits including lychee, plums, dragon fruits, and so on on the altar. This worship practice is to pray for good crops and luck.

Foods for Tet Doan Ngo. Though it is not a public holiday, it will be a good chance for visitors to see an interesting tradition when visiting Vietnam during this time of the year. 

Tet Doan Ngo by year:

  • 2019 - June 07, Friday
  • 2020 - June 25, Thursday
  • 2021 - June 14, Monday
  • 2022 - June 03, Friday
  • 2023 - June 22, Thursday
  • 2024 - June 10, Monday
  • 2025 - May 31, Saturday
  • 2026 - June 19, Friday

Best things to do in Halong Bay in June

Overnight cruise

Despite a higher chance of rain and storm, the cruising experience on Halong Bay in June is still exciting. Apart from activities on tourist sites, overnight cruises on Halong Bay also offer a great variety of onboard entertainment like morning tai chi, live music, sunset party, squid fishing, and so on.


The heat of summer makes a dip under the cool water of Halong Bay a wonderful experience. Thus, do not forget to pack a swimsuit with you. Swimming is free of charge and included in all cruise itineraries. Depending on the sailing route you choose, you will have the opportunity to swim on Titop beach (Halong Bay), Ba Trai Dao Beach, or the Ao Ech area (Lan Ha Bay).

Kayaking and bamboo rowing boat

One of the best and most typical ways to admire the natural beauty of Halong Bay is to kayak or get on a bamboo boat sailing gently around. Kayaking and bamboo boat trips take you to some of the most beautiful places on the bay namely Luon Cave, Dark & Bright Cave, and Tung Sau Pearl Farm.

Seaplane tours

If you are keen on expensive and extraordinary experiences, you should not miss a chance to book a 25-minute seaplane tour to fly around Halong Bay. This is a once-of-a-lifetime experience to see Halong Bay from above and capture mesmerizing photos.

What to pack when traveling Halong Bay in June

Pack only light, breathable clothing that will keep you cool in this hot and humid weather. Jeans and warm clothes will not be needed.

Rainfall is relatively high so bring a light raincoat. Besides, you should also pack your swim gear as the hot weather will surely make a dip in the sea seem appealing.

Local tips

To enjoy your vacation on Halong Bay at its fullest, you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Pack necessities for summer, especially sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid sunburnt.
  • Check the weather forecast prior to your departure date and prepare for alternatives during bad weather conditions.
  • Follow your tour guide's instructions strictly to ensure safety when kayaking.

June Weather FAQs

  1. Is June a good month to visit Halong bay?

June is a relatively good month to explore Halong Bay with hot weather and high number of sunshine. Yet, June is the peak tourist season for Vietnamese people, you should avoid traveling during national holidays and on the weekends. 

  1. Does it rain a lot in Halong bay in June?

It rains quite often in Halong Bay in June. The precipitation in Halong Bay in June is quite high (179mm on an average of 10 wet days) but rains won't last the whole day. You can still enjoy dry days with outdoor activities. 

  1. Is it better to go to Halong bay in June or July?  

It is more ideal to travel to Halong Bay in June than July because the temperatures in June are more endurable. Besides, in July, there is a higher chance of rains, storms and typhoons thus more cruise trips are likely to be canceled. 

  1. Is June hot in Halong bay?

Definitely yes, June is among the hottest months in Halong Bay with the temperatures range from 31°C to 39°C. 

  1. Can I swim in Halong bay in June?

Halong Bay weather in June is perfect for swimming except some rainy days and during storms. You will enjoy around 8 hours of sunshine per day and the water temperature is also warm, at around 27°C. 

  1. What clothes to wear in Halong bay in June?

Light clothes like shorts, T-shirts alongside sports shoes, sandals are necessary items to pack to Halong Bay in June.

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