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Halong Bay Weather in May

May marks the start of a hot summer although the heat in this month is by and large endurable. It is in fact one of the best months to visit Halong.

Halong Bay Weather in May
  • Temperatures are rising in May; summer is in full swing.
  • As the temperatures rise, so does the humidity! Expect it to be a bit stickier in May.
  • There will be a higher chance of rain so don’t forget to pack your raincoat.
  • Fewer visitors are expected in May as this is the beginning of off-peak season.
  • There will be a surge of domestic visitors at the beginning of the month as a long holiday takes place.

The official summer has just arrived in Halong Bay in May making it a hot month although the heat is endurable. The weather becomes more humid so you will feel quite sweaty. May also marks the off-peak season with a significant downfall in the number of visitors.

The hot temperatures add a stronger desire for water-based activities namely kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling to cool down. However, there is a possibility of rains and storms that may deter you from soaking up outdoor trips.

Halong Bay's weather in May

In May, Halong Bay's weather is hot and humid yet not so extreme. The average temperature is around 32°C with highs of 38°C and lows of 26°C. Night temperatures drop by 3 - 4°C.

Sunshine in May is abundant offering ideal conditions for water-based outdoor activities. You can expect around 8 hours of sunshine on a day. However, along with the soaring temperature, the Monsoon season is not far away and rainfall and humidity will see a jump this month. The average humidity level reaches 78%. There will be around 175mm of rainfall on 14 rain days.

Weather in May is notoriously unpredictable so be prepared for some unexpected conditions. You should still consider checking weather forecasts before your departure to make sure your bookings have not been canceled or delayed.

May weather averages in recent years

MonthHigh / Low (°C)Average rainfall (MM)Days with rain
May (2020)32.64°C (90.75°F) / 23.46°C (74.23°F)74.15mm / 2.92in10 days
May (2019)31.62°C (88.92°F) / 20.4°C (68.72°F)275.93mm / 10.86in17 days
May (2018)30.6°C (87.08°F) / 25.5°C (77.9°F)113.93mm / 4.49in12 days
May (2017)28.56°C (83.41°F) / 22.44°C (72.39°F) 84.46mm / 3.33in10 days
May (2016)30.6°C (87.08°F) / 22.44°C (72.39°F)71.17mm / 2.8in10 days

May weather averages (Last 3 year summary) 

Pros and Cons of traveling Halong bay in May


  • The warm weather and plenty of sunshine will give you lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as well as water activities.
  • Rainfall and stormy weather are possible yet still not a big problem in May.
  • Fewer visitors mean you may experience a slight drop in prices and less-touristy destinations.


  • As the weather gets hotter and humidity rises, there will be a higher chance of rainfall and possibly typhoons. This means that you should keep an eye out for bad weather.
  • International Labor Day on May 1st along with Reunification Day on April 30th is among the longest holidays for Vietnamese people so Halong Bay may still be busy at the beginning of the month.

Events in Halong Bay in May

In Vietnam, International Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st, as a public holiday and many businesses will be closed. Another event is Buddha’s Birthday which is celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th Lunar month so keep an eye out for the exact date around your visit.

Dates of Labor Day in Vietnam

Monday, May 1, 2023Public / National Holidays (Government offices closed)
Wednesday, May 1, 2024Public / National Holidays (Government offices closed)
Thursday, May 1, 2025Public / National Holidays (Government offices closed)

30 April and 01 May is a long holiday in Vietnam, there are large numbers of domestic visitors in major tourist attractions.(Photo: Shutterstock)

Best things to do in Halong Bay in May

Overnight cruise

Enjoy an all-inclusive getaway on a cruise for 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights during summertime is a must thing to do on Halong Bay. As the peak tourist season is over, you can expect a reduction in prices and great promotion.

Swimming and kayaking

Without a doubt, warm sea waters and overheated weather in May are great conditions for water activities, especially swimming and kayaking. Halong Bay has many excellent spots for swimming and kayaking namely Titop Beach, Luon Cave, Tung Sau area, and Ba Trai Dao Beach. Kayaking may not be included and you will be charged. 

Squid fishing

Squid fishing is another exciting activity for entertainment at night. You can try your luck catching some squid or simply relax and enjoy the fresh atmosphere. 

Seaplane tours

Getting on a seaplane and contemplating the bay views from a high altitude is an unforgettable experience. Keep cameras with you and ready to capture stunning photos of floating villages, tree-clad islands, towering limestone karsts, and cruises on green waters. The tour lasts for 25 minutes and is offered by Hai Au Aviation company.

What to pack when traveling Halong Bay in May

May promises to be a hot month. Pack your lightest summer clothes and make sure your eyes and skin are protected from the sun. Shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops are perfect items for this month. You should also bring sunscreen or an umbrella to avoid getting sunburnt.

Do not forget your swimsuits as water activities may be on the cards - the heat will make the water seem especially appealing. In anticipation of wetter weather, bring a raincoat or other waterproofs to stay dry!

Local tips

May brings the first round of summer heat and higher precipitation to Halong Bay, so below are some useful local tips you should keep in mind for a smooth, hassle-free cruise trip:

  • Always apply sunscreen before getting outside because the sunshine in May is strong.
  • You should check the weather forecast in the next two weeks prior to booking to make sure there will not be any storms and your cruise is still going ahead.
  • You should book cruises and services in advance and through agencies to avoid overcrowding at the beginning of the month as it is a big holiday for local people.

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