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Halong Bay Weather in July

July is one of the rainiest months in Halong Bay. However, you will benefit greatly from the many promotions for cruise trips here.

Halong Bay Weather in July
  • It gets very hot and sunny in July so be sure to have sun protection.
  • Pack your swimsuit and a towel, a nice dip will be a welcome refreshment.
  • Even though the weather is generally hot and humid, the weather can be fickle as storms occur frequently.
  • July is the perfect month to do some kayaking or snorkeling.

July is one of the hottest and rainiest months in Halong Bay. It rains a lot throughout the month and storms occur more frequently. The average temperature and humidity level are also high, resulting in scorching hot and humid weather.

However, since it is the off-peak season with the fewest number of visitors to Halong Bay, you will benefit greatly from the many promotions for cruise trips here.

July weather in Halong Bay

In July, you can expect up to 7-8 hours of sun every day. Because of the high temperatures and humidity (often hitting 80%), it often feels a lot warmer and stuffy than it really is. The temperatures vary from 29°C to 37°C. Even during nighttime, it is very hot as it does not cool down much overnight.

Even though it is hot and sunny, Halong Bay also experiences frequent downpours in July. A total of nearly 400mm of rain in over 20 days makes its way down from the heavens. Typhoons are not uncommon so be sure to carefully check the weather forecast and try to keep in close contact with your cruise operator.

The boiling heat and high humidity level make you eager for swimming and other water-based activities to cool down. In addition, traveling during the low season enables you to discover a more idyllic and quieter Halong Bay.

MonthHigh / Low (°C)Average rainfall (MM)Rain Days (≥2mm)
July (2020)36.00°C (96.80°F) / 23.52°C (74.33°F)276.94mm / 10.9in21 days
July (2019)35.63°C (96.10°F) / 22.44°C (72.39°F)385.19mm / 15.16in26 days
July (2018)32.64°C (90.75°F) / 26.52°C (79.74°F)212.1mm / 8.35in20 days
July (2017)33.66°C (92.59°F) / 25.5°C (77.9°F)124.82mm / 4.91in17 days
July (2016)30.6°C (87.08°F) / 27.54°C (81.57°F)247.97mm / 9.76in17 days

July Weather Averages (Last 5 year period) 

Pros and Cons of visiting Halong bay in July


  • With hot weather and plenty of sunshine, July is an ideal time for water sports enthusiasts to visit Halong Bay. Swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking are some activities enjoyed by many tourists.
  • July is the off-peak season, allowing for a quieter and less hectic Halong Bay experience.
  • There are also many promotions and vouchers for cruising in July.


  • Typhoons and severe storms can interfere with your travel plans.
  • The likelihood of your cruise tour being canceled is also much higher during this period of time.
  • For some, especially tourists in Western areas who do not accustom to tropical weather, the summer temperatures might be a bit too hot and cannot bearable.

Events in Halong Bay in July

There are no public holidays or festivals in July.

Best things to do in Halong Bay in July


Do not forget to pack your swimsuits because you will relish a chance to cool down on the beach.


Getting on a kayak and exploring Halong Bay on your own is another not-to-miss activity in July. The sunshine is abundant allowing you to admire the natural beauty of the bay to its fullest and capture mesmerizing photos.

Overnight cruise

Although the weather can be unpredictable with storms and heavy rains, there are days with favorable conditions for an overnight cruise on Halong Bay. You should keep updated with the latest weather forecast to decide whether to board a cruise ship or not.

Seaplane tours

If you cannot stand the hot and wet weather in Halong Bay in July, the best way to contemplate the beauty of this natural wonder is to take a short, scenic flight on a seaplane. From a high altitude, you will have a panoramic view of the bay.

What to pack when traveling Halong Bay in July

Do not worry about packing any warm clothes, you won’t need them in July, yet you might want to bring a waterproof poncho to keep your clothes protected from the heavy rains.

It might be wet, but it is still hot; be sure to bring swimsuits to take a dip in the cool water. You should also, always remember to bring protection from the sun as it is particularly strong in July: a high factor sunscreen, caps, hats, and sunglasses are always a good idea.

Local tips

Since heat, sweltering sky, and sudden rains dominate Halong Bay in July, here are insider tips you should note down for better preparation:

  • Always bring along an umbrella or raincoat to avoid getting wet because of rain.
  • Check the weather forecast is one of the most important things because occasional storms or typhoons can cause your cruises to be canceled.
  • There are many discounts and great deals from the cruise operators so you should make a comparison and pick out the best one.


1. Is July a good month to visit Halong bay?

July is not a highly recommended month to visit Halong Bay due to frequent storms, typhoons, and heavy rains. If you still want to travel this month, we advise you to check the weather forecast in advance and keep in contact with the cruise operator in case the trip is canceled because of bad weather.

2. Does it rain a lot in Halong bay in July?

Yes, but not too much to upset you. Halong Bay in July experiences the highest amount of rainfall with an average of 386mm on 26 rain days. There are also unfavorable weather conditions like storms and typhoons.

3. Is it better to go to Halong bay in July or August?   

Both months are the same because they fall in the stormy season and you may face the possibility of cruise cancellation. On the bright side, you will receive a lot of discounts, cheaper services, and promotions during these months.

4. Are there any advantages of Halong Bay weather in July?

Of course, yes! In the middle of summertime, it is great for swimming and joining other water sports and water-based activities such as kayaking, and snorkeling. Besides, you can expect fewer tourists and promotions from cruise operators.

5. Are outdoor activities possible in Halong bay in July?

Halong Bay weather in July is in general suitable for outdoor sightseeing trips and water sports except for bad weather conditions like storms and rains.

6. What items should I pack when traveling to Halong bay in July?

Traveling under the extreme heat of one of the hottest months of the year, you should pack only light, comfortable clothes, sandals, sports shoes, and a hat for sun protection. In addition, other necessary items are sunscreen and an umbrella for rainny days.

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