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Halong Bay Weather in April

April is a good month to visit Halong Bay as there are few risks of storm and the weather is very accommodating for an outdoors trip.

Halong Bay Weather in April
  • April signals the end of the peak season so it will be less busy than previous months.
  • The weather is much warmer with higher temperatures and humidity.
  • This is a perfect time for water-based and outdoor excursions.

Halong Bay's weather in April continues a comfortable weather pattern as in March yet it also signals the start of summer. You can expect warmer average temperatures and higher humidity and rainfall levels.

In general, this type of weather is still ideal for a cruise vacation and outdoor sightseeing trips on Halong Bay. However, the volume of tourists starts to decline gradually.

Halong Bay's weather in April

April is much warmer than in previous months. The average temperature reaches 23°C with highs of 28°C and lows of 20°C. The sea temperatures also increase to around 29°C so you can finally wear your shorts and flip-flops and really enjoy that sunshine and warm swim. 

April is one of the months with the highest amount of daily sunshine along with May, June, November, December, and March. It remains similar levels of humidity as those seen in March, at around 75%. This is not too bad compared to the rest of the summer which can see humidity levels rise to above 90%.

Rainfall rises in April, especially towards the end of the month. There are around 13 rainny days with total precipitation of 53mm. However, it is not enough to cause much disruption so do not let that put you off!

April weather averages in recent years

MonthHigh / Low (°C/F)Average rainfall (MM)Days with rain
April (2020)27.54°C (81.57°F) / 14.28°C (57.7°F)129.13mm / 5.08in11 days
April (2019)30.6°C (87.08°F) / 22.44°C (72.39°F) 72.39mm / 2.85in09 days
April (2018)27.54°C (81.57°F) / 16.32°C (61.38°F)28.37mm / 1.12in03 days
April (2017)28.56°C (83.41°F) / 17.34°C (63.21°F)48.03mm / 1.89in10 days
April (2016) 27.54°C (81.57°F) / 19.38°C (66.88°F)54.05mm / 2.13in08 days

Weather in Halong bay in April (Summary of the last 3 years) 

Pros & Cons of visiting Halong bay in April 


  • Sunny days and warm sea temperatures are perfect for visiting Halong Bay. All activities get a green light in April, there is very little likelihood of any disruption due to weather.
  • It is a great time to partake in water sports and snorkeling as both the air and the sea will be warmer and more suitable.
  • April is the end of peak tourist season in Halong Bay so all tourist sites become less crowded than in previous months. 


  • The good weather in April still attracts a big number of visitors so be sure to book your tours and accommodation far in advance.
  • Some services and shops are closed during national holidays.

Events in Halong Bay in April

April is among the most festive months with many traditional festivals and public holidays to attend.

You will have a chance to take part in the Yen Tu Festival held at the foot of Yen Tu Mountain. This event is taken place on the 10th day of the first lunar month every year lasting for 3 months. The second traditional festival is Cua Ong Festival, organized from the 2nd day of the first lunar month to the 30th day of the third lunar month.

Moreover, April is also the celebration time of the Hung Kings Commemoration open on the 10th day of the third lunar month. This is a national holiday and Vietnamese people are off from school and work. So be prepare that the site will be very overcrowded.

Hùng Kings' Festival in Phu Tho, Vietnam (Photo: Shutterstock) 

Hung Kings Festival by year:

  • Thu, April 2, 2020
  • Wed, April 21, 2021
  • Mon, April 11, 2022
  • Sat, April 29, 2023
  • Thur, April 18, 2024
  • Mon, April 07, 2025
  • Sun, April 26, 2026

Besides this, the Reunification Day (30th April) is a great opportunity to explore more about locals' traditions and customs. There are firework shows and celebrating events in big cities of Vietnam on the Reunification Day.

Best things to do in Halong Bay in April

Overnight cruise

Cruising is definitely a must-try activity whenever you come to Halong Bay. The journey is full of fantastic things both on the ship or on the attraction. Although there are many cruising options: day cruises, 2-day cruises, and 3-day cruises, you should choose 3-day cruises to fully immerse in the beauty of the bay and have a lot of exciting experiences.

Squid fishing

April is the early squid season so if you want to experience an extraordinary activity and try your luck, you should not miss squid fishing at night on the cruise ship.

Biking and mountain climbing

The weather of Halong Bay in April is not too hot, still comfortable for outdoor trips and energy-consuming activities without being sweaty too much. You can ride a bike around Viet Hai fishing village, climb to the top of mountain, trek through Cat Ba National Park

Water-based activities

Warm weather and low possibility of rain are perfect conditions for water activities and sports. Besides swimming, you can try kayaking, snorkeling, and canoeing at beautiful attractions of the bay namely Luon Cave, Dark & Bright Cave, and the Ao Ech area.

Seaplane tours

Another wonderful activity you should try in Halong Bay is enjoying its panoramic view on a seaplane. Do not miss a chance to take divine photos. It usually costs US$70 for a 25-minute seaplane ride provided by Hai Au aviation company.

What to pack when traveling Halong Bay in April

With highs of 28°C in April, you should prepare to bring summer clothes; shorts, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts. Swimsuits are also essential for you to take a dip swim.

The sun will be strong so bring a hat if you have one and, as always, where there is sun you should bring sunscreen! It is unlikely that there will be any cold days, but if you catch a chill easily you might want to bring a light sweater.

Local tips

April features comfortable weather for you to explore Halong Bay however there are a few tips to make your vacation more wonderful:

  • Halong Bay in April is pretty crowded because some special national holidays are on. Check your departure date as soon as possible to avoid overcrowding and price rise.
  • Pack suitable clothes and necessary items for summertime, especially sunscreen which helps your skin not to be burnt.

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